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Some Part of Story:
........ He didn't keep me in suspense long. I giggled as he started kissing my left foot, nibbling on the arch and licking his way to my ankle. Slowly he made his way up my leg, planting kisses along its length; some soft and sensual, others deep and throbbing. Drunk Grannies When he by-passed the thatch of curls that covered my mound and moved on to my right thigh I was surprised but reveled in the sensations of his mouth covering my leg with a variety of kisses and giggled again when he reached my foot. "Mmmmmm, you are so responsive," he complimented. "Somehow, I knew you would be. Before I could answer, my breath was being taken away from me. His mouth clamped over my right breast, sucking hard and strumming the nipple with his tongue. I could feel my pussy get wet almost instantly. My body writhed in fierce pleasure underneath him as he increased the intensity with which he fondled me. Drunk Grannies I couldn't remember the last time I had been so turned on. In addition to having infrequent sex with Ben, it hadn't been all that passionate or inspiring. In fact, there had been times when I'd had to fight the urge to twiddle my thumbs. Not so that night with Bryan. All my senses were abuzz. "Oh God, Bryan, please don't stop." "I won't; not until you beg me to." Not much chance of that happening. I was having the best time of my adult life. He released my right breast and concentrated on the left one. His mouth was soft and warm. I was getting wetter every time he lapped at my nipple and I felt my juices beginning to pool in between my legs. Drunk Grannies When he kissed his way down my abdomen I giggled wildly as he hit several ticklish spots along the way but my mirth didn't deter him. Instead it seemed to spur him on even more and when he finally came to his destination, he didn't disappoint there either. ........

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